The Impact of Spatial Branding

An enriching and inspiring spatial design strategy needs to center on curating an experience for users that will be felt within a space. Effective branding transcends a company name, logo, or tagline and aims to create experiences for consumers and stakeholders.

Part of that experience involves spatial branding, which converges with interior design, mural and wall art, and furniture design.

Companies with offices located in multiple cities are a prime example of the need for, and power of, spatial branding. Creative yet uniform design helps to establish the brand identity for all who enter the premises regardless of the city.

While the language describing spatial branding may be new, if you think about your experiences with well-known brands, you can probably think of several that nailed the concept of spatial branding.

Ever go on a vacation as a kid and feel right at home when your parents pulled into McDonald’s or Burger King for lunch? Fast food chains like these have been practicing spatial branding for decades, giving consumers the comfort of a repeat interior at every location that incorporates their respective brand’s name, logo, and experience.

Thriving retailers such as Anthropologie create an experience for shoppers. The Anthropologie brand targets affluent women in their 30s and 40s and aims to sell them a lifestyle. In-person stores are carefully designed to play into a shopper’s senses, with unique art displays, aromatic candles, and music that fits the brand.

Ultimately, it’s the customers who own a brand. Business owners, however, possess the power to design a brand’s experience for both its users and employees. Branding at all levels is about communicating a story and vision that will resonate with its target audience. When done well, spatial branding leaves a positive impression on your customers and visitors, while fostering a strong employee culture within the workplace.

Functionality in Spatial Branding

When designing office workspaces, the need to be productive remains the top priority. However, employees who are satisfied or even inspired by their work environment are reported to experience greater levels of productivity and creativity.

Spatial branding gained momentum when tech giants of Silicon Valley embraced it, reimbursing the ideology of branding within their company walls. At 430,000 square feet, Facebook reportedly has the largest open-plan office in the world, complete with a nine-acre green space on its roof where employees are welcome to work and have access to a half-mile walking trail.

Much like Facebook users can wander throughout the app, Facebook corporate employees and visitors are met with an open space free of barriers such as toll gates. The Skype office in Palo Alto, CA was designed by Blitz (one of California’s top corporate interior design firms) with three distinct spaces, each to facilitate a specific facet of working: collaboration, contemplation, and concentration.

Commercial Office Interior Design Strategies

To reflect the values and vision of a company in spatial branding, corporate interior design firms like ours begin by developing a strong understanding of what the brand stands for. Furniture Soup offers interior design services to maximize spatial branding for companies in Lancaster, PA; Reading, PA; and the greater Philadelphia region.

Our designers will utilize design elements like art, color, décor, furniture, and natural and artificial lighting. We will help you turn your vision into a reality and use spatial elements in a way that aligns with your brand and allows visitors to interpret your brand’s values.

Visual Artistry

Bold visual art forms in workspaces are trending and tie in swimmingly with spatial branding for office interiors. Furniture Soup can help you find the right visuals for your space, be it illustrations, murals, abstracts, or innovative signage for your Lancaster, PA; Reading, PA; or greater Philadelphia area brand.

Interior Design Firms Serving Lancaster, Reading, and the Greater Philadelphia Region

We understand that every company competes to win the hearts of its target audience in a world where customers are bombarded with options. Our mission at Furniture Soup is to bring ease to the experience of your leadership, employees, and clients through an outstanding interior design experience.

If you’re in need of commercial office interior design help or curious about how your business can benefit from the creation of meaningful spatial branding, reach out to Furniture Soup today.