Raspberry Blush: Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year

Montvale-based quality paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore announced Raspberry Blush – a saturated, red-orange hue – as its 2023 Color of the Year.

“People are ready to bring color back into the home, taking a step outside their color comfort zones,” stated Andrea Magno, Color Marketing & Development Director at Benjamin Moore, in a press release about the color announcement. “Raspberry Blush 2008-30 and the Color Trends 2023 palette empower the use of statement colors that deliver delight and personality, while transforming rooms for incredible results.”

Source: Benjamin Moore

The other colors in the 2023 Color Trends palette include Conch Shell 052, Wenge AF-180, Cinnamon 2174-20, New Age 1444, Starry Night Blue 2067-20, North Sea Green 2053-30, and Savannah Green 2150-30.

Source: Benjamin Moore

All colors in the palette carry an air of charisma, encouraging designers and homeowners to go bold. Magno described Raspberry Blush as vivacious and unapologetic in its boldness, noting that it will stir designers and homeowners to use bold colors “to influence dramatic transformations” that are reflective of their individuality and personal style.

To celebrate the 2023 selection, Benjamin Moore teamed up with electro-funk musicians Chromeo, who debuted a new song ‘Raspberry Blush’ to commemorate the positivity and carpe diem feeling the paint color inspires.

Each of the eight colors in the 2023 palette has been paired with curated playlists on Spotify for a fun element and to give a nod to the uniquely powerful role color and music play in self-expression.

Color is always doing something, whether we’re acknowledging it or not. In designing a space, color plays a huge role in tying everything together to inspire emotion. Furniture Soup and our talented office space designers will work with you to determine exactly how to best make your office design best serve all who use it.

Commercial interior design firms like ours often use the Color of the Year as a muse in design, and we’re thrilled about the way Raspberry Blush is sure to infuse joy into the design choices of 2023 and beyond.

The bold pinkish hue can be incorporated into your office or home space in many ways, whether you’re remodeling and want to cover walls, ceiling, and trim in Raspberry Blush or opt for something like a vibrant coral pink lamp shade.

Could your powder room or hallway use some new color? Why not make your dining room or conference room this lovely color? Statement walls and home décor in the color of the year are other great ideas to add the hue to your life.

Benjamin Moore has long been a prominent player in determining color trends, with its founding dating back to Brooklyn in1883. Since then, Benjamin Moore has risen to become a flourishing fixture in the paint industry. The company has more than 3,500 colors to choose from when making the annual color of the year selection and looks to design, art, fashion, and culture to make its final decision.

Source: Benjamin Moore

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