What Will the Future of Office Space Look Like?

Things are finally getting back to normal and many workplaces are moving back into their offices.  Some businesses have even seen rapid growth over the last year and a half, which means the future of the office is booming!  Many businesses are making changes to accommodate a growing workforce by moving into bigger offices, modernizing their office, and designing spaces that will help employees work more efficiently. 

Furniture Soup can assist your business with all of these things and more and we want to help businesses get back to normal in a big way.

While hybrid office settings worked for many businesses throughout the pandemic, it is not a long-term sustainable solution for most businesses.  Studies have shown that when employees are in closer proximity to one another, communication increases.  When communication increases, productivity also increases.  Another benefit to people being back in an office is an increase in trust and stronger inner office relationships.  When people are able to see each other face to face, it is easier to build trust between them and create a sense of belonging.  These are all things that will happen once a workforce is back in the office!

To help businesses prepare for this, Furniture Soup has a suite of services that can help ensure a smooth transition back to a normal work environment. 

One of the most often used services we offer, which can help achieve this, is commercial space planning & interior design.  Our team can examine your current or new office space and design a floor plan and office layout that will meet the needs of your growing workforce. 

Working hand in hand with business owners, we can transform your dream office into reality! 

Helping you choose everything from the colors that the walls are painted to the chairs at each desk and even the way each space is lit, we can help guide you to things that make sense for your office and your budget. We can help you buy commercial office furniture and even help liquidate the old furniture you no longer need.  We can even source pieces from used furniture stores to help save money.

Furniture Soup can take the reigns to completely remove the stress from planning your new office and we will work tirelessly to manage an office renovation, so you never have to worry about a thing.  Everything from designing your office to working with contractors to bringing things to life will be overseen by our competent and experienced staff.  We will coordinate to ensure that each piece of furniture, each workspace design, and every aspect of your office is exactly how you want it.  Whether it is the fit and finish on the walls, windows, floors, or the style of how the cubicles are set up, Furniture Soup will make sure it is to your exact specifications.  We will coordinate with you and your staff to make sure that we do all of this with minimal disruptions to your business.  When things are done, you can welcome your staff to their new home!

Furniture Soup also wants to make all of this happen for every business that we can, which is why we are also proud to offer financing options to all of our clients to help achieve their goals of bringing their workforce back into the office.  With the uncertainty of the future, it may be smart for businesses to keep as much liquid capital on hand as they can.  Financing with Furniture Soup is faster than getting a conventional business loan from a bank.  It can also be more affordable and have more flexibility with repayment.  There may even be specific tax benefits when working with us on financing.  All of this and more can be discussed with our teammates who are eager to help!

Furniture Soup sees the future of spaces growing to be bigger and better than ever!  Whether you are a large or small business, if you are in the midst of transitioning back into an office or are planning on doing so in the near future, we want to help!  Check our or portfolio of satisfied clients here and contact us today to see if we can help you get back to normal and back into your office!