Vendor Sustainability Spotlight: Global Furniture Group

Since its founding in 1966, Global Furniture Group has striven to manufacture well-made office furniture at affordable prices.

That promise of quality to clients continues today thanks to a network of vertically integrated suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors who bring exceptional products to market worldwide. Their efforts have established their brands as trusted partners who offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to meet the ever-changing needs in workplace, education, and healthcare settings. Global Furniture Group is committed to meeting clients’ needs with lasting and valued solutions.

[Photo Source: Global Furniture Group]


Global Furniture Group is fully committed to sustainable practices and has abided by environmentally-minded standards in its practices long before it was required by environmental protection legislation. They believe that better products are also green products.

All of their products are created and delivered with the environment in mind. From design all the way through manufacturing, Global Furniture Group pays attention to the impact of its product packaging, the use of recycled and recyclable materials, and production processes that minimize energy consumption.

Global recycles 88% of its waste production organization-wide, and its cardboard packing is made from 80% recycled material. Wherever possible, the company flat packs to reduce shipping volume and minimize its carbon footprint. The company also offers textile options woven from recycled polyester, which is an environmental option available to customers for little or no up-charge.

Global also recycles more than 100 tons of fabric through various voluntary programs and partnerships such as Echoes in the Attic. This small business focuses on re-fashioning, re-designing, and re-purposing landfill-bound textiles by the ton and upcycling them into handmade, small-batch, zero-waste eco-bags and pillows.

Global recognizes that no manufacturer accomplishes environmental sustainability through only one initiative, and has several in place. Its 13-year (and counting!) partnership with Echoes in the Attic is simply one of its earliest and most successful efforts.

Global’s furniture and other products are designed based on a Design for the Environment (DfE) program that promotes environmentally sound decisions for the entirety of the process. Material components at Global are 100% recyclable.

Overall, Global Furniture Group has reduced its electricity consumption by more than 18% in the last four years. They have eliminated ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) in their manufacturing processes. The company uses a patented, industry-first wood/polymer molding technology that diverts 7.5 tons of waste per day from the landfill. Global’s chrome plating facility discharges water that is clean enough to be returned to its municipal water infrastructure.

[Photo source: Global Furniture Group]

Corporate Responsibility

Global takes its responsibility as a large corporation seriously and strives to promote a culture of sustainability well beyond its own walls. As a furniture manufacturer, Global takes responsibility for the resources it uses as well as the products it creates through cradle-to-cradle analysis of resources and offering a product take-back program.

[Photo source: Global Furniture Group]

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Office Furniture Dealers Near Me

Furniture Soup is proud to partner with vendors like Global Furniture Group, who recognize the value of sustainable solutions for customers taking on office relocation moves, remodels, and more. With headquarters in Reading PA, Furniture Soup has two decades of experience helping clients design and implement work environments that allow organizations to perform more efficiently and creatively.

We have constantly expanded our environmental commitment throughout our company’s growth as a furniture dealer serving the Lancaster, Reading, and Greater Phila Area. Working with vendors like Global Furniture Group that value eco-friendly processes and products is of the utmost importance to Furniture Soup. If you’ve been searching for office furniture dealers near me who value the environmental impact of their services, you’ve landed in exactly the right place.

Creating a workplace environment where your team thrives starts with an environmentally-conscious office space outfitted with quality products. We can provide you with everything you need! Contact our team at Furniture Soup today to fulfill all your needs for office relocation moves, from commercial space planning and interior design to furniture delivery, installation, reconfigurations, and beyond.