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Why do we call ourselves Furniture Soup?

Like a good bowl of soup, we design with just the right blend of ingredients.  We include new, refurbished and used office furniture, while adding a wide range of finishes including carpet tile, paint and fabrics to spice up the recipe.  That’s how we, at Furniture Soup, Inc., create inspiring workspaces.

Today’s companies require a balance of private workstations, motivational collaborative spaces, tasteful executive offices, and technologically outfitted meeting rooms.

Since 2003, Furniture Soup helps clients design, and then execute the work environments that allow companies to perform more efficiently and creatively. Detailed planning and cost-conscious selections are key when it comes to providing the ideal environment for a successful, growing company.

Brenda Gaul, Furniture Soup president and lead commercial interior designer, has built the firm’s solid reputation by fostering relationships with clients who return again and again. Brenda and her expert team at Furniture Soup, the project managers, designers and installers, have been assisting companies with office expansions, relocations and sometimes even liquidations. Furniture Soup has outfitted the offices of well-known corporate and manufacturing clients both large and small, locally and nationally.

Furniture Soup, located on MacArthur Road, just off Rt. 183, offers a showroom full of new and used office furniture, a design studio of finish choices and samples.

Customers can test the latest in ergonomic office seating or wander through the warehouse in search of the perfect one-of-a-kind piece.

Furniture Soup blends select ingredients into inspiring workspaces!

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