How to Minimize Disruptions and Downtime During a Commercial Office Renovation

Distractions are a natural part of work and life in general, but the prospect of a commercial office renovation can raise concerns about distractions reaching a detrimental level. No team leader wants their employees to feel constantly distracted by noise or any of the chaos that can accompany an office renovation.

While companies may not be capable of controlling all possible distractions, looking for ways to reduce disruptions and downtime during a commercial office renovation is worthwhile.

1. Renovate in Phases

Depending on the size of your business and facility, gradually renovating room-by-room may be one way to minimize the disruptions to operations in your commercial office. Working section by section in a commercial office renovation often allows companies to maintain an optimal workflow.

This way, team members continue to have adequate space to work comfortably and preserve focus. Having portions of your location untouched by construction allows staff to escape any areas that may feel chaotic with noise, visual disarray, or debris.

2. Muffle Commercial Construction Noise

Loud noise can cause tension and stress, along with a reduction in the breadth of our attention. Noise pollution has even been found to contribute to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Any steps you take to eliminate the noise that may accompany a commercial office renovation will be worth your while. People may try wearing earplugs or noise-blocking headphones while working in the office. Companies can provide employees with the right safety gear.

3. Shift to Another Location or Remote Work

If the intensity and expansiveness of the renovation does not allow for noise levels to be feasibly drowned out on site or present safety concerns, plan to shift employees to another temporary location. Consider renting office space or a trailer until the project is complete.

If these options are out of budget or otherwise inaccessible, working remotely for the time may be the solution. Redirecting as many team members as possible to work at home is often an economical way to minimize distractions during a renovation.

4. Utilize Hot Desking

Another option for maximizing space and improving efficiency during an office renovation is to consider hot desking. This entails enacting a clean desk policy, so employees have access to available desks at different times.

Many workplaces operate under this system year-round to reduce real estate costs and increase efficiency. During a commercial office renovation, hot desking can complement a work-from-home rotation.

Typically, the fewer people in the office, the more quickly a construction team can execute the project.

5. Communicate the Plan

Once a plan is in place to revamp the office, whether it’s placing new furniture or working with contracting companies for a full-fledged remodel, informing your employees of the projects can ease the entire process for everyone. Since construction can be disruptive, people need to be prepared for temporary relocation spaces or potential system shutdowns.

Develop a plan with the design and construction team and review it with those working in the facility. Engineers can design commercial office layouts with shutoff valves in logical places that make it uncomplicated to isolate smaller portions of a facility for future renovation projects. Forward thinking like this can eliminate the need for an entire building shutdown over minor remodel work.

Let employees know what to anticipate and the approximate length of time things will be in flux, as well as any accommodation that will be made to make their workflow as seamless as possible once projects are underway. Provide time for employees to ask any questions they may have. When employees are left in the dark, it can cause unnecessary confusion.

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