Refresh Your Space with Wall Graphics

Whether you’re motivated to renovate your entire office space with sweeping murals or need a little encouragement to make some changes, wall graphics is a proven way to refresh any room. Choosing the right wall decals for your space – be it commercial, industrial, private, or public – is an effective solution to impact the calmness and mental state of those who spend time inside.

The expert commercial office interior designers at Furniture Soup are here to help you unlock the secrets to beautiful décor that will transform your walls!

Ready to Improve Your Environment?

Perhaps you’ve noticed low morale in your workplace, or you’re tired of working in a drab atmosphere. Maybe you’re tired of looking – or trying not to look at – what is on the walls around you!

If you’re ready to spruce up your environment, corporate companies can use wall graphics and decals and cohesive interior design to add value to the workplace.

Amplify Your Brand’s Voice

One way to use wall graphics is to reinforce your brand in your physical space. Doing so can craft a cohesive image of your company for employees, clients, and other visitors. Branding is nothing if not storytelling, and wall decals can help tell your business’s story in a powerful way. With all of the energy you’ve already invested in creating and establishing your brand, reinforcing it tangibly through wall graphics is practically a no-brainer.

Using design elements to immerse clients and employees in your brand will help to enhance everyone’s experience with your company. Clients will know who they are working with, and employees will be reminded consistently of what they’re working for and toward. Seth Godin talks about the importance of knowing your brand and audience in terms of honing things in: “When you have your eyes firmly focused on the minimum viable audience, you will double down on all the changes you seek to make. Your quality, your story and your impact will all get better.”

Branding should not stop with a logo or website, and creating an immersive atmosphere that accurately represents your brand in your physical space is something Furniture Soup can help you with.

Generic wall coverings rarely accurately represent the personality of an individual or family in their personal home. The same goes for companies who fill their space with typical wall decor: it doesn’t tell the right story and often creates a sterile environment that people prefer to check out of rather than relax and thrive in. Wall graphics could be as simple as your company’s logo or perfectly kerned text spelling out your company’s mission statement.

Wall graphics featuring photographs of what your company is offering or all about are another wonderful option. If you’re feeling hesitant or noncommittal, keep in mind that temporary graphics are available. These are especially great for things like significant anniversaries you’d like to mark aesthetically.

When you meet with our experienced commercial interior designers at Furniture Soup, they will figure out the best way to share that story, positively impact employees, and impress future clients.

Some employers like to use wall graphics with text to motivate employees, such as inspirational quotes or company slogans that direct everyone to the core mission. With the number of hours people spend at work in a day, week, and lifetime, helping people stay on task and be maximalists at work is never a bad thing.

On a practical level, wall decals are an effective way to direct people where they need to go throughout your workplace. Directional wall graphics can help visitors feel at ease, quelling anxiety and replacing it with a warm welcome.

The Science Behind the Artwork

In Health Care settings, an increasing amount of research has revealed that artwork can improve patient outcomes and well-being.

The concept is not new. Going way back, Florence Nightingale’s “Environmental Theory” led to the inclusion of natural light and increased ventilation in hospital design in the 1800s. This idea continues to be reinforced as more research emerges to support the significance of design on patient care and comfort.

Dr. Roger Ulrich published an article in the journal Science in 1984 about a landmark study. He discovered that hospital patients in rooms with a window needed less pain medication and recovered quicker than those in windowless rooms. In Ulrich’s study, he also noted that post-surgery gallbladder patients made fewer negative comments when the view through their hospital room window overlooked a grove of trees instead of a brick wall.

Ulrich’s study opened the door for researchers to focus on elements of the built environment and their impact on healing, productivity, and safety in healthcare settings. Since then, numerous studies have indicated that artwork in a patient’s room promotes healing, decreases stress and pain levels, and increases overall well-being. While myriad factors play into a person’s health, the evidence consistently supports the positive effect of artwork on individuals’ moods and health.

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