Jazz Up Your Cubicle for the Holidays

Dressing up for the holidays at work is one way to make things more fun for the season, but decorating your cubicle can really elevate things to the next level. Even the biggest office grinch is sure to break a smile or a laugh if you take your décor far enough or play it just right. Here are some ideas to help you make your space as great as possible!

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Twinkly lights for the backyard deck, patio, or front porch are trending, and you can take that a step further and add some magic to your office with a strand – or several – of holiday lights. If your office mates are game, try stringing the lights along the top of the cubicle so more people can enjoy them. The more the merrier, right?

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Use a holiday bowl to store candy, mints, or gum for people to pick up when they pass by or pop in to your cubicle. Sharing something small like this can brighten someone’s day with very little effort on your part.

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, switch out your usual mug for a holiday-themed mug! Or if you’re strictly drinking water, try using a fun holiday tumbler or travel mug. It’s all in the details.

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Rugs and Runners

Holiday rugs and runners are a great way to jazz up your cubicle for a lot of reasons. If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t like to store a lot of décor throughout the holidays, a themed rug or table runner is simple to roll up for the rest of the year while still making a big impact when it is on display. Likewise, a small floor rug is a solution for anyone who feels like they don’t have desktop space to spare for decorations. Adding a rug to your cubicle will also have a wow-factor if there isn’t usually anything extra on the floor.

Computer screens

Whether you have one or two screens, there are endless ways to add some holiday spirit. Set your desktop background screensaver to holiday images. If you have two screens, find eyes to set as your screensaver on each, then add some giant cutout eyebrows on top, plus a nose, mouth, and beard below for a giant Santa Claus face.

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Themes Galore

Pick a theme for your cubicle and go from there. Create a mood board of ideas that you can gather from searching hashtags or Pinterest for inspiration. Then get down to business and decorate! Here are just a few ideas to get you started …

  • Santa’s Workshop: think toys, trains, reindeer, and elves
  • Real life snow globe: transform the cubicle into a snow-filled winter wonderland
  • Wrapping paper: cover everything (bonus: this is inexpensive and a lot easier to take down that to put up!)
  • Gingerbread house: make your cubicle into a gingerbread cottage with colorful candy accents
  • Log cabin or ski chalet: if anyone around your spot wants in on this you can create an entire village
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You can add a lot of holiday cheer in your office with just a little bit of creativity this season. If no one seems motivated to join you, consider asking your boss to make it an official decorating competition. A yearly tradition with competition between individual employees or departments is often the ticket to unleashing even more holiday pizzazz.

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