Coming to Industrial & Distribution Buildings Near You

As e-commerce continues to rise to the forefront of consumerism, the demand for new warehouses and distribution centers keeps growing. With Lancaster, Reading, and Philadelphia, PA all being centrally located cities that function as major transportation corridors, there is certainly a need for distribution and warehouse space.

If your company has been part of the steady growth of manufacturing, warehouse and distribution projects happening this year, or if you will be in the coming months and years, Furniture Soup is here to alleviate the stress of designing and furnishing your new space.

Industrial spaces have unique needs. Our team has the experience to help you think through and plan the best way to utilize your staff areas.

In addition to traditional commercial office furniture, our offerings at Furniture Soup include everything you’ll need to outfit your space and tailor it to the needs of your team and routines. As a trusted commercial office furniture supplier, we have worked with local and regional industrial companies for years and understand what is needed to thrive in this growing market.

For instance, some people are surprised to learn that Furniture Soup offers a wide range of flooring options.  If you’d like to incorporate luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile, carpet tile, or rubber flooring into any areas of your new or updated space, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the areas in your industrial space or distribution center where we can help.

Locker Room

Your employees will use this space hard, and we can help you to pick quality products that will make it shine and last. Keeping everyone’s personal belongings safe is important, and having the right lockable cabinets will keep your workforce feeling secure and at ease.  Besides the lockers, other furnishing necessities include benches are available.

Computer/Control Rooms

We can help you configure your computer room to work best for everyone who enters and leaves the area. Our inventory includes an array of seating, desks, chair mats and more to have your computer room up and running.

Packing and Shipping Office

A lean, efficient warehouse keeps everything running smoothly, and our expert team at Furniture Soup can assist you with the layout and space optimization for your packing and shipping areas. We’ll help you find the best tables, utility carts, shelves, and everything else you need to create a great workflow.

Cafeteria and Break Room

Furniture Soup has lunch room collections available in an assortment of styles and sizes so that you can reflect your company culture in your break room. Whatever aesthetic you’re aiming for, we’re here to help you achieve it.  Heavy duty products are available for tough environments.

Designing an efficient warehouse space is a major responsibility. Our dedicated team of commercial office furniture suppliers at Furniture Soup is here for you to rely on. Whether you’re updating a solitary workspace or moving into a new manufacturing plant or distribution center, we will support you from the planning stage through to move-in. We’ll meet with you, analyze your space and workflow, and help you determine the right products and layout to meet your present and long-term needs.

As a leading commercial office furniture supplier in the Lancaster, Reading, and greater Philadelphia areas, Furniture Soup has the furniture, equipment, and knowledge to provide the best possible solutions to meet your industrial and distribution center interior needs. Would you like to find out more? Call us at 610-926-8700 to talk or contact us here.