Are Mesh Roller Shades Right for Your Office

If you’re in the market for commercial window treatments, mesh roller shades are a great option that will provide a sleek appearance and numerous functional benefits. Designers and folks with an eye for style know that aside from performing light blocking duties, window treatments play an essential role in setting the tone of any office or corporate space.

Designer mesh roller shades are made from woven mesh material that can be pulled down over a window. Mesh roller shades are one of the most popular commercial window treatment options, loved for their appearance, versatility, functionality, and style.

Here are some benefits of mesh roller shades to consider if you’re thinking about using them in your office.


An attractive interior reinforces your company’s image, leaves a positive impression on clients, and creates a welcoming workplace for employees. With clean lines and straightforward operation features, mesh roller shades are loved for their appearance and premium style. Roller shades offer a wide range of fabrics, colors, textures, and customizable styles.

They allow users to block light while gaining privacy, all without sacrificing style. When the mesh roller shades are rolled up, they are concealed on the roller at the top of the window. For those who appreciate a minimalistic look, they streamline the office’s appearance without adding visual clutter. They can also be accompanied by additional window treatments on top of the shade for a more traditional look.


If you’re concerned about finding the right style or fit when it comes to window treatments for your office, rest assured that mesh roller shades offer plenty of options. Furniture Soup can supply and install an array of sizes and colors to fit the style and atmosphere of your corporate space. We’ll help you find what you’re envisioning, whether it be shades that blend in with your existing motif or something to add a pop of color and pizzazz.

You have more practical options to choose from, too. When selecting the fabric for mesh roller shades in your space, your options will be organized by openness factor. Openness is used to describe the weave density of screen fabric that affects the degree of visibility, privacy, glare, and UV blockage.

The options range from providing the most view with the least privacy to a minimal view with maximum privacy to black-out shades for room darkening.


Unfortunately, fading from the sun’s UV rays can make a space look worn out and neglected. Even on cloudy days, sun rays can cause damage to your interior. Installing mesh roller shades can protect your office furniture, artwork, décor, and flooring from potential fading.

Roller shade fabrics are designed to block 86% to 99% of the sun’s damaging rays — and that’s good news for your office furniture and the people using it! Commercial mesh roller shades are a simple way to protect the investment you’ve made into your office assets.


If you’ve ever had traditional blinds in your home, you know how quickly they can accumulate dust and pet hair over time. Individual slat after slat is hard to clean, and sometimes people end up replacing the blinds rather than going to the effort of thoroughly cleaning them.

With mesh roller shades, dust will not have an easy gathering spot. The shades are easy to clean and unlikely to need repairs — a win for your office air quality, maintenance team, and budget!


Mesh roller shades are available in motorized options so that they can be operated via remote control. This feature is an excellent choice for hard-to-reach windows in a corporate setting with high ceilings. Motorized shades are also wonderful for individuals with mobility challenges.


We can’t think of anyone who wants to work in a sweltering or cold office space, and the right window treatments will help keep everyone comfortable even during the extremes of our weather.

Mesh roller shades can increase people’s comfort levels by reducing the amount of sunlight entering. This can help maintain temperatures without adjusting the thermostat or obstructing the views of the great outdoors. Mesh roller shades may even contribute to lower energy costs, reducing expenses for your business.


Natural light brightens rooms and people’s moods, so letting it into an office space is advantageous without a doubt. However, there may be times during the day when you need to dim the amount of light to reduce computer screen glare or make it easier to view a presentation.

Roller shades allow individuals to adjust the amount of light without confusing instructions or time-consuming efforts. Increasing visual comfort will contribute to satisfied employees and increased productivity. From sheer to opaque, we’ll help you find the perfect level of mesh roller shades to offer light control in your office.

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Adding mesh roller shades to your office will provide the finishing touch you’ve been looking for in your interior design. Roller shades make your business look and feel great and can save business owners additional money over time.

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