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Oasis Mini
Oasis Mini AOasis min B

Oasis Mini Unit

Power / Data grommet

Product Description

The Oasis Mini is 15″ decorative table trough packed with style, power, 2.1A USB charging ports, and data capabilities. its modern design provides an elegant solution for designers or manufacturers looking for a powerful solution to meet the needs of today and the future. The Oasis-Mini incorporates an integral two door lid with dampened release action and retracts into the table when opened to maximize table work surfaces and compliment any table design. Fully flexible, the Oasis-Mini can be customized with different inserts to provide a variety of power, USB charging, and data options depending on your individual requirements. Oasis Mini units are also available in versions compatible with our DaisyLink System for providing an easy way to link multiple units together from one power infeed

Additional Information


9″ x 15″ overall dimension

Finishes :
Black powder coat
Brushed and anodized black aluminum
Brushed and anodized clear aluminum
Silver powder coat