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Cubicles – Remanufactured / Blended

Product Description

By definition, the cubicle is a partially enclosed work space in an office which is separated from neighboring work spaces by partitions that can vary in height. Its purpose is to separate office workers and managers from the sights and noises of an open work space so that they may concentrate with fewer distractions. Cubicles are composed of modular elements such as walls, work surfaces, overhead bins, drawers, and shelving, which can be configured depending on the user’s needs.

Used cubicle components ( either yours, or an inventory we have or find for you ) can be REMANUFACTURED to achieve a desired look:

  • -pre-owned cubicle panels/tile can be recovered in new fabric

  • filing can be painted

  • trim can be painted

Or, a combination of new, remanufactured and used components can all be BLENDED together to create a cubilce(s) specific to your needs.

The possibilities are endless… and quite cost-effective!

Remanufactured and blended options offer the ability to work within a wide range project budgets while not compromising function or style.


Additional Information


Cubicles can be tailored to your work needs and environment. Each manufacturer offers a list of finishes to choose from ( fabric, laminate, paint, glass, etc). Panels can be in either a monolithic ( single piece ) style or have a segmented, tiled look.

We are here to help you see how many cubicle you can fit in your space ….. or if you know how many people you need, we can show you how to fit them in. There are several options for panel heights, work surface configurations, filing, and finish selections that we suggest you contact one of our sales people to help you through this process.