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Bridges II
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Benching – Desking System

Product Description

Bridges allows you to connect the dots in different ways from tables to benching, desking to systems.

Redefine how you connect and share. Bridges provides the tools for you to achieve so much more.
Our task was to develop an environment for collaborative teamwork which would facilitate the connection of people and ideas in a corporate setting… to design a platform which would serve as a catalyst inviting people to engage and co-create.
The collection includes freestanding and integrated seating modules, coordinating tables, privacy screens, power and lighting.
Seating elements can be linked together within a run of Bridges II tables, or as freestanding pieces – allowing the product to be used in open plan, reception or team areas.

Additional Information


Specific layouts can be catered to your needs and space. Several finishes and options available. Please contact a sales person for more information.