Light Up Your Office

Natural lighting is a highly desirable feature for homes, offices, and businesses today, and with good reason. Being exposed to natural light helps our bodies to produce Vitamin D, improves our circadian rhythms and sleep, and can even help us to focus and feel happier.

Having enough natural light in our life is important for our overall wellbeing, and that’s why optimizing natural light inside is vital. The next best thing is to design the artificial lighting, so that it mimics natural light. Brightening up a workspace will breathe new life into your office or place of business for all who enter in.

We know intuitively that being in an attractive environment makes us feel good, which is the reason we spend money on artwork we love and vacation in luxury hotels.  Studies back this fact up. One study conducted by Ohio State University and the National Institute of Mental Health found that employees in an older office building that had low ceilings and dull lighting were confirmed to have higher stress levels than workers in a newer space with brightly lit skylights.

Office furniture dealers, like Furniture Soup, have a team of experienced professionals who will help you to configure the optimal lighting for your office to improve overall employee wellbeing. We offer LED task lighting that can enhance office lighting in areas that have possibly been previously neglected. LED lighting has a longer lifespan and uses around 50 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen options. LED task lighting is an excellent solution for under a desk hutch, under a cubicle storage cabinet, or freestanding on a desktop. Corporate interior design companies like Furniture Soup know the ins and outs of lighting and will help you to discover how to better illuminate your workspace.

Many small LED lighting units also feature dimming options and light color choices, so you can customize those aspects to achieve the perfect illumination. Lights with convenient remote-control options can allow employees to adjust the light color depending what mood their current task calls for. For instance, blue lights are known to promote feelings of peace and thus can be utilized when an employee needs an extra calming effect. Conversely, studies show that shades of orange increase creativity. So, if an employee needs some help focusing on an important pitch, adjusting the lights to orange could give them the productivity boost they need. Including personalized lighting options may help employees to feel more in control of their work environment, which can be a mood and productivity booster.

The selection at Furniture Soup also includes stylish desk lamps for a flexible and economical way to brighten the lighting in your office. Plus, Furniture Soup offers sleek roller shades and solar screen shades to spruce up your windows and add an element of control for when the natural light needs to be harnessed. The shades are available in numerous colors and multicolor designs and textures, with varying levels of opacity to give people control over the amount of light. The shades may be motorized, programmed, and controlled by remote to further increase convenience and ease of use.

Let the experts at Furniture Soup help you to create a brighter workspace for your Lancaster, Reading, and Greater Phila, PA employees. Our industry knowledge is only topped by our unmatched level of customer services that we provide to each and every client.

At Furniture Soup, we are more than merely office furniture dealers, we are your one-stop-shop for everything office-related. From lighting to corporate interior design and everything in between, we have the products, services, and team to turn your vision into reality. 

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