Draw Inspiration From 2021’s Color of The Year

Color is a really big piece of the puzzle when putting together a design for a space.  It can remind you of an emotion, convey power or spark a memory.  Furniture Soup and our talented team of office space designers understands this better than most. 

Our team works with our clients to hear exactly what it is that they need to make a space work for them and then with the help of colors we can breathe life in to a design to make it truly unique.  This is just one of many things that sets Furniture Soup apart from other commercial interior design firms.  Color is such a huge deal that every year, a Color of the Year is chosen by many companies.  This year is unique because we actually have three separate yet amazing winners for color of the year from two different companies.  These astonishing colors may very well serve as our muse to help us when designing spaces moving forward.

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Pantone has been a leader in the industry when it comes to color for over 60 years.  Over the last 20 years, they have been awarding Color of the Year.  Every December Pantone will reveal their pick for color of the year but it doesn’t just happen overnight.  The Pantone Institute, a group within Pantone made of twenty people, does extensive research that takes nearly nine months before a decision is made.  Pantone looks through global trends, changes in culture, art exhibits, film, preferences in fashion and a lot more to help them decide on a winning color every year.  Pantone may even spot a growing progression of a color being used more often years before they decide on it.  In 2017, Pantone named Greenery their color of the year, but noticed shades of green being used more and more back in 2014.  Pantone states that because of them spotting these inclinations across multiple industries throughout months and years, the Color of the Year almost picks itself!

Benjamin Moore, another prominent figure when it comes to color, also selects a color of the year.  Benjamin Moore has a long and storied history in paint.  Founded in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, the company has flourished from its humble beginnings to become an important fixture in the industry.  Similar to Pantone, Benjamin Moore searches the worlds of design, art, fashion and culture to determine its color of the year.  Making a choice from their extensive catalog of over 3,500 colors, Benjamin Moore carefully picks a color based on a palette that stays fresh in everyone’s minds and gives people vibrant and fresh visions that pushes the limits of creativity.

Pantone has not one but two colors they’ve chosen as 2021 color of the year and the two colors Pantone chose share a balance on the color spectrum. 

Pantone’s “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” embody a combination of strength and positivity that we hope to tie in to our designs moving forward.  Ultimate Gray provides a sense of substance and stability.  Like the rock at the base of a mountain, Ultimate Gray can be the foundation for your next area that needs an accent of color.  Illuminating brings light and life with its vibrant yellow tone.  Perhaps you want to bathe your work area in a vivid glow that will be striking and memorable.  Illuminating can provide the tone needed to give almost any design some spirit.

Benjamin Moore’s choice for color of the year is “Aegean Teal”.  Hoping to create an uplifting feeling of relief, Aegean Teal is a fusion of blue-green and grey.  Creating a hue that resembles the sea, this color is sure to evoke emotions of calm and tranquility.

Furniture Soup’s talented team of office space designers want to work with you to create a space where your employees and clients can come together and accomplish their goals.  When we work with you, we want to find the right combination of design, function and efficiency to provide you with the space you have always dreamt of.  It is all a delicate balance to find and maintain through collaboration and inspiration, as we work side by side. 

Furniture Soup can help you work any or all of the colors of the year in to the design of a space.  Ultimate Gray and Illuminating compliment one another and could easily be worked in to a feature wall or an entire room.  Aegean teal might be just the touch of color needed that is found in an eye-catching piece that is a conversation starter.

Furniture Soup works with clients from Lancaster PA, Reading PA and the greater Phila area and we want to be the only company you turn to when it comes to commercial interior design.  We hope that when you go to Google and search for commercial interior designers near me, you find and choose Furniture Soup!

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