5 Tips for Managing a Successful Office Renovation

An office renovation can be equal parts exciting and unnerving, so having a detailed strategy in place as early as possible is important. Commercial office furniture supplier Furniture Soup is here to help guide you through planning an efficient, successful office renovation that will leave you and your team so happy that you’ll only be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

The best remodels create a space where employees’ mental and physical wellbeing are considered, and at Furniture Soup we want to help you achieve an innovative and employee-centered office space.

1. Assemble the right team

When you are hiring a general contractor and other project specialists for your office remodel in the Reading, Greater Phila, and Lancaster PA areas, look for individuals and companies with experience and a quality reputation. Consult with professionals because they will know the specific building codes and regulations that apply to your project. Research the contractors previous work – from electricians to architects to plumbers and interior designers – and meet with them to discuss your needs and to make sure that they understand the importance of communication. Build a team who is committed and invested in a successful result.

Another important part of building the right team for a successful remodel is to appoint internal members of your staff to be involved in the process. Designating point people to be in communication with the contractors and to then present updates to the rest of your company as needed will help everyone to breathe easier.

Seeking help from professionals who understand all aspects of an office renovation will ensure the entire undertaking is less stressful for everyone on board. Furniture Soup’s commercial space planning and interior design services have been highly rated by our beloved clients, and we are fully equipped to help your company with all your office remodel needs from the planning and design stages all the way to furniture delivery, installation, and reconfigurations.

2. Set a realistic budget

As you create a budget for your remodel, consider including a 5 to 10% contingency cost line to account for unforeseen costs. Keep in mind that an estimate from a designer or engineer is truly just that – an estimate – and can vary in the end.

While you may want to remodel everything at once, remember that it is okay to renovate in phases. Having flexibility with the timeframe of your remodel may end up saving you money in the long haul. Crunch the numbers and know what is realistic for you and your business. The right partners will expect you to have a budget and be prepared to help you stick to that.

Furniture Soup offers financing services and can connect you to an industry partner who will help you to set up affordable and flexible payment plans for larger projects. Talk to any member of the Furniture Soup team for more information and to learn about potential tax benefits of utilizing these services.

3. Factor in sustainability and health

Keeping a holistic health approach in mind as you remodel can encourage physical, mental, and emotional wellness for your staff. Implementation of this can include bike storage for employees who ride to work, adjustable sit to stand desks, water bottle refill stations, ergonomic task seating, collaborative work areas, or anti-fatigue mats to improve employees’ comfort and productivity.

The experienced professionals at Furniture Soup will happily help you assess your space to see what you can incorporate into your Reading, Greater Phila, and Lancaster, PA area remodel to add to the health of your team. Our commercial design services specialists can also help you in creating a lighting design that will not only enhance the atmosphere in your space but create energy savings.

Sustainability may be trending in building design but incorporating sustainability into your remodel will not only be on trend: it will benefit the environment and your bottom line financially. Lighting, heating, and cooling can be some of the most energy-consuming factors in an office, so making changes in one of those areas will likely yield major savings. Many of the manufacturers we utilize at Furniture Soup have established sustainable manufacturing processes, and we would be happy to provide you with more information on those. Another way that commercial office furniture supplier Furniture Soup is here to help you in your search for sustainability is by offering a selection of ever-changing quality used furniture for your space if that is a route you’re interested in pursuing. 

4. Aim to keep employees from being disrupted

As you plan your renovation, consider how employees will be affected. Think about potential safety issues and whether there will be major disruptions to your team’s productivity. Schedule employees to work from home or from another area of the building when renovations are underway in order to keep disruptions to a minimum. Be sure to include your IT provider or in-house group to help set up temporary networks to keep things running smoothly. Be intentional about communicating timelines and minimizing interruptions for your team. Furniture Soup will work with you to safeguard the wellbeing of your staff from start to finish.

5. Communicate with your employees

As mentioned above, selecting a point person to communicate the status of the remodel as things progress is a key to a successful office renovation. Knowing what to expect and when is best for everyone’s morale and ability to work efficiently. Communicating the vision and work schedule for the remodel from the get-go is a great way to dispel any concerns.

Additionally, take time to seek internal input before you embark on renovations. Asking team members about any specific changes they would like to see in the office space may draw your attention to issues you had been unaware of and lead to solutions that benefit everyone. Remember that completing an office renovation can even be a way to help attract new employees and retain those who are already part of the team.

To learn more about planning and achieving a successful office remodel in Lancaster PA and the surrounding areas, contact Furniture Soup today. For nearly two decades, we have been helping clients design and execute work environments that allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to perform more efficiently and creatively. Whether you are a small or large company, local or national, the expert team at Furniture Soup is excited to be a part of outfitting your office for success!